Do Orgasms Tighten Vagina

Do Orgasms Tighten Vagina

If not all, some of us ladies are still obsessed with tight vaginas and have tried several things to gain that elusive tightness. We have heard certain beliefs that promise to work. Such beliefs include a strong discussion on whether orgasms can tighten your vagina. But before that let’s look at a few things.

3 Vagina Facts You Need to Know

Too much sex won't stretch it out

Your vagina is incredibly elastic, so it always returns to its usual tightness after sex.

Your vagina cannot shrink if you go through a dry spell

Staying without sex for a long time can’t make your vagina tighter again! While your vaginal muscles may be tense at first, penetration shouldn't be painful when you do sex after a long dry spell.

Your vagina can change in size and shape when you're turned on

This is commonly known as "vaginal tenting" which is normal. During arousal, your vagina gets more relaxed and wider. The uterus is pulled upward, which changes the position of the cervix, allowing the vagina to become longer.

Everything you need to know about orgasms

There are seven types of orgasms that you can experience as a woman. Therefore, you can reach your climax and have a good time, no matter what you’re into. The following are some of the types of orgasms you need to know:

  • Nipple Orgasm; this occurs when you stimulate your nipples during foreplay and sex.
  • Mental Orgasm; this happens when your brain that allows your body to become aroused, especially when your partner says sexual things during pillow talk.
  • Anal Orgasm; you can achieve this kind of orgasm you stimulate your G-spot at the same time. You can enjoy anal sex and reach your climax when you also involve your vagina too.
  • Vaginal Orgasm; you can achieve this kind of orgasm by stimulating the G-spot, which is located inside the vagina.
  • Clitoral Orgasm; This can be experienced through stimulation of the clitoris with hands, mouth, penis head or other sex toys, and is the most common among women.
  • Multiple Orgasms; this occurs when you climax more than once during a sexual experience.
  • Squirting Orgasm; when you stimulate your G-spot, you may experience squirt. During a squirting orgasm, a liquid comes out of your vagina as you orgasms.

Other important facts you need to know about orgasms include;

  • Orgasms are good for you; having regular sex and orgasms can help you to reduce stress and anxiety since orgasms increase estrogen production, which increases oxytocin release and reduces cortisol (the main stress hormone) production.
  • Too much sex can throw orgasm out of whack; too much sex in a short time may leave you irritated or with a urinary tract infection.

So does orgasm tighten vagina?

No. as we have discussed above vaginal and orgasm fact, it is certain that orgasm does not tighten your vagina. It is important to understand that during orgasm, your vagina may change shape and size as you get aroused.

Is tighter vagina a secret to a better sex?

This has been an old-age question among women. Sex doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. When your vagina is too tight, you may not endure the feeling during sex. Pain during penetration may be a sign of a condition such as infection, injury, or congenital abnormality. With the same token, your vagina doesn’t need to be too loose. The secrete to better sex is an average elastic vagina.


  • If you experience a tight vagina during sexual penetration, it could be because you’re not being fully aroused.
  • Your vagina changes its shape and size over a lifetime. Sex and birth contribute to changing the shape and tightness of your vagina.

How Can I Tighten My Vagina?

Vaginal tightening techniques at home

Vaginal tightening products


  • Perform kegel exercises
  • Squats performance
  • Use vaginal cone
  • Use yoni eggs and kegel weights
  • V-Tight Gel (our best pick)
  • IsoSensuals
  • Skinpro Seductiva
  • Amaira
  • Major Curves
  • Vaginal tightening surgery

Final Word

Being in the dark about your vagina makes it easier to fall prey to believing certain myths. However, we believe that our guideline has helped you to distinguish between rumors and facts.