How To Know If Your Vagina Is Tight

When it comes to the vagina, there are a lot of misleading myths and misconceptions. For instance, some people believe that vaginas can lose their elasticity and become permanently loose. However, the truth is that your vagina may become slightly looser as you age or have children, but overall, the muscles expand and retract just like a rubber band. So, how would you know that your vag is tight?

Everything You Need to Know About Vagina Tightening

Some of you ladies aren't fans of how your vaginas get looser after birth or during aging, and how you need to get it back to its original tightness condition. So, what exactly is vaginal tightening? Will it turn you into a virgin again? How would you know that your vagina is tight? What techniques can you use to tighten your vagina? Here's everything you need to know.

What is vaginal tightening?

Vaginal tightening covers essentially anything that fixes your loose vagina, after childbirth or during aging. It can include techniques such as the use of vaginal tightening gels, exercise regime or diet.

Why would you want to get your vag tightened?

Your vagina may change size and shape as a result of hormonal changes, giving birth, aging, and lack of doing exercises. Vaginal tightening, therefore, brings back elasticity and makes your vagina yep, tighter hence boosting your overall sexual pleasure. 

Can vaginal tightening surgery work for you?

Vaginal plastic surgery solutions such as labiaplasty, which change the size or shape of the lips around the vulva, and vaginoplasty, which aim to tighten your vagina are very common nowadays. This method can work but they are very costly are associated with high risk.

How To Ensure Your Vagina Stays Tight

Squats are your redeemer

If you perform squats regularly, safely and accurately, not only enhance strong core muscles but also tighten the pelvic floor muscles. Squatting is also a compound exercise that has a lot of benefits throughout your whole body.

Maintain the right diet that is high in natural estrogen

You need plenty of vitamins, minerals and proteins to keep muscles strong, which includes your vaginal muscles. If you're a vegetarian and you find this challenging, try taking a multivitamin and protein as well. 

Try Kegel exercises - good for strengthening your pelvic floor

Kegel exercises are one of the best ways to tighten your vagina naturally. These types of exercises specifically target to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles hence preventing the looseness in the pelvic floor area.

Consider V-Tight gel for better and speedy results

This product ensures quality results. It is made from 100% natural formula and exercise program that can help you reverse the loss of elasticity from childbirth, hormonal changes, and even aging. When you combine it with a recommended exercise and diet regime, you can maintain a tight vagina that will ensure more pleasure in your bedroom. 

How To Know If Your Vagina Is Tight

With lots of false information online about the tight and loose vagina, it can be a challenge to know your side. The following can help you to know if your vagina is tight:

Easy to achieve orgasm

If you have a tight vagina this means that your sensations are something you won’t struggle with. Having an easy time reaching your orgasm? This could be a sign that you have tight vaginal lips.

Able to feel pleasure no matter the size of your man down there (or any sex object)

Vibrators, dildos and even fingures can make sex. So you’ve been giving your vagina lots of love with these items, and your sexual pleasure is not dependant on your man’s small size, and you notice more pleasure over a while, this is a good indication that your vagina is tight and on the right size and shape.

Your bedroom confidence is increased

Having a tight vagina can have a positive impact on your confidence. If you start experiencing increased self-esteem without having to be embarrassed about their private parts, then this means that your vagina is in the right condition.

You have greater satisfaction and better sex life

A tight vagina has a direct impact on sexual satisfaction. If you start feeling more pleasurable during intercourse, this could be a good indication that you have a tight vagina and that you don’t have to worry about your sexual performance.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers 

Q. Can I make my vagina tighter if I stop having sex?

After a significant period of a dry spell, it is possible that your sex can feel like the first time. Insertion may take a couple of trials and the sensation can be somehow intense or even painful. This could be as a result of anxiety and pure lubrication means, plus there are higher chances that you’re not properly aroused during foreplay. But generally, this doesn’t mean that your vagina has gotten tighter since the last time you had sex.

Hint; what can you do if you feel your vagina is too tight after a dry spell?

  • Have more foreplay: this will help your vagina to get ready for sex. It involves kissing, touching, and other arousing activities before penetration.

  • Communicate: communication here means working through any problems that you may have. Also, let your partner know when you are ready for penetration.

  • Use a lubricant: you can purchase them at most pharmacies, supermarkets or online stores. We recommend Penchant Premium Best Personal Intimate Lubricants.

Q. Does your vagina become tighter if you have less sex?

No. the society has made some of us assume that when we have less sex, we gain and maintain a tight vagina and that for those who have more sex have ‘loose’ vaginas, however, this is just a complete misconception. The only events that can make your vag to be loose are childbirth and aging.

Hint; how your vagina works!

It is also good to remember that your vaginal muscles are elastic by nature. Any amount of stretching can not make a permanent dent that can rob its elasticity. Once the hymen breaks during sex, your vagina contracts and relaxes with adequate stimulation and gets back to its original state once the act is over.

Q. Is tight vagina good for sex?

Yes. a tight vagina leads your sexual intercourse to more pleasure for both you and your partner. It makes you feel a lot more comfortable and a lot more confident. 

Q. Is it possible to have a loose vagina?

Yes. Some common causes that can make your vagina loosen include lack of exercise, aging, and giving birth especially with a small interval time.

Hint; how lack of exercise, aging and giving birth makes you have a loose vagina:

  • Lack of exercise: the tightness of your vagina is determined by the muscles that surround it. If you are not doing any squats how should you expect to maintain a tight vagina? The solution to this problem is easy. You can do either of the following exercises;
    • Squats exercise
    • Kegel exercises
    • Using Ben Wa Balls
  • Aging: all your muscles naturally get weaker as you age, including the walls surrounding your vagina. Things like eating well, exercising properly, using exercises like squirting adding in some herbal remedies and using V-Tight gel will do you a great deal of tightening your vagina.
  • Childbirth: can also cause your vagina to lose some of its elasticity especially after having multiple children over the years. You can control this by making sure you do pelvic floor exercises before, during, and after pregnancy.

Final word

Sex doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, and you shouldn’t endure feeling loose or too. Many of the conditions that can lead you to this feeling are easily treatable. If you experience anything unusual, be sure to see your doctor.