How To Tighten Vag With Alum

How To Tighten Vag With Alum

Many of us women want to know the easiest way to get our vag tighter, especially without involving in any kind of surgery. There are alternatives for tightening the vaginal muscles, which include the home remedy methods, kegel exercises, the oral capsules system and applying of vaginal tightening creams. In this post, we are going to major for the home remedy method, which is using Alum to tighten your vag. Lots of deodorant soaps and sprays we use at home consist of alum as a part of their ingredient and is effective when it comes to tightening your pelvic muscles.

Best Alum for the vagina tightening

Choosing the best Alum for your vag can help you avoid unknown side effects. There are varieties of alums in the market, which can be a challenge for you to choose which one you should use.

However, the most common types of alum used in vaginal tightening products include the Potassium Alum or naturally occurring alum. This is the alum that has properties such as antiseptic, skin lightening and tightening, deodorizing, anti-perspiring, etc. another type is Ammonium alum or synthetic alum which you are not advisable to use.

How to Tighten Your Vag with Alum

Alum Douching

Alum douching is the act of rinsing your vag with water, often mixed with Alum along with other liquids that have antibacterial properties.

How To Prepare Alum Douching

  1. Mix the Alum in a basin of water. Sit inside and ensure that your vag is deep in the solution.
  2. Use a sponge to soak it into the solution and wash your vag with it.
  3. Put a tampon into the alum liquid and insert the tampon inside your vagina, leave the tampon there for some minutes before taking it out.

Time Taken To See Results

  • It can take up to 30 minutes for you to feel tight vag. 

Why Use Alum to Tighten Your Vagina

Using Alum is fastest, painless and the easiest method. It is 100% natural and offers quick results. Moreover, it is an inexpensive way of quickly getting a tight lady part that increases your satisfaction with intercourse for both you and your partner. One fact you should now know is that alum is safe for your vag.

Does Alum Have Side Effects?

No. As opposed to other methods such as vaginal surgery which can lead to bleeding, scarring, numbness in the vagina, incontinence, painful intercourse, infection, etc., Alum together with products that consist of natural Alum as an ingredient, in the appropriate dose, has no such side-effects.

Precautions When Using Alum For Vaginal Tightness

Despite its benefits, there are also various things you need to know before using Alum for your vaginal tightening. These include:

  • Do not keep Alum for long in your vag as it can over tighten it.
  • Do not use Alum directly on your vag as it can cause irritation in your vaginal lining.
  • Do not use if you are pregnant women or if you have any existing vaginal infection.
  • Do not use Alum regularly or in large quantities as it can irritate your vaginal walls and lead to yeast infections.
  • Avoid using synthetic Alums for your vag tightening in cases of vaginal infection and irritation too. Alum you use should come from a natural source.
  • Be careful with the type of Alum you are using because its difficult to differentiate synthetic alum and natural alum with the color since they have a similar appearance.

Final Advice

If you use Alum for your vaginal tightening, you will notice changes down there in no time. This method is efficient and has no adverse side effects. It can certainly take you to your destined journey without costing your health in anyway!