How To Tighten Vagina After Baby Birth – Methods & Solution

It’s common for a new mum to hear complaints from her hubby in regards to sex that her vagina feels “too loose” and that he (the hubby) can’t feel anything during sex. Your vagina naturally changes after giving birth, because during childbirth, the pelvic muscles get stretched and the vaginal muscles loosen. Keep reading to find out what to expect and the ways you can help speed up recovery.

Your Vagina After Birth: Things to Expect

After giving birth, your vag changes. It may feel enlarged or wider. It may also feel sore and even dry. It is, therefore, not surprising when you hear new mothers, asking their doctors questions like:

  1. Does the vagina remains the same after childbirth?
  2. Does my vag become loose after delivery?
  3. Loose Vigina After Child Birth - what to do now?
  4. How do I tighten my vagina after delivery?

Naturally, these are valid concerns because after delivery you want to get back to your normal routine including having enjoyable sex with your partner. And you also want to make sure that everything down there is okay before having intercourse. So, before checking out on things you should expect after birth, let’s first understand how your vag works.

How Your Vagina Works

Your vagina is structured in such a way that it can expand and contract. When you get pregnant, your body releases helpful hormones like progesterone, estrogen and relaxin along with other important substances. When you’re ready to deliver, estrogen increases the blood flow to your vag to keep its tissue elastic (able to expand and contract) allowing the child to pass through. Relaxin helps to relax the pelvic ligaments and softens and widens the cervix to allow the newborn baby to make a smooth exit from the womb.

Things to Expect

You'll have a slightly wider vagina.

Your vagina might look wider than it did before, but it tends to gradually go back to normal. However, it won't return completely to its pre-birth shape and this shouldn't be a problem for you.

Important: How Far Can Your Vag Stretch During Childbirth

Therefore, the amount of your vaginal stretching that happens during childbirth depends on:

  • Your genetics

  • The size of the baby

  • The number of deliveries you’ve had before

  • How long you push during delivery and whether your doctor used forceps or vacuum extraction.

  • Whether or not you did pelvic floor exercises during pregnancy to tone those muscles in preparation for childbirth.

Your orgasms could feel weaker for sometimes.

When you do go back to having sex after childbirth, you may think your orgasms feel less powerful than before. This could be a result of your pelvic floor becoming weaker making your vag less sensitive. In time, your orgasm should go back to its original state.

Your vagina will feel dry when breastfeeding

Nursing can cause estrogen deficiency in the body, which, in turn, causes vaginal dryness, but it's not a permanent condition. This dryness will only last as long as you're still breastfeeding.

Your vagina will be sore

Your vaginal area will feel pain in the immediate period after childbirth. Your perineum can also feel sore, especially if you needed stitches to repair a tear. This condition again is not permanent and can improve within 6 to 12 weeks after birth. 

You'll experience postpartum bleeding.

After giving vaginal birth, expect to experience postpartum bleeding for up to 5-6 weeks. The bleeding may be heavy for the first two weeks and may be accompanied by small clots. This is normal, as your body sheds the extra tissue and blood from your uterus.

How To Tighten Vagina After Baby

  • Exercise: Exercise options like Kegels, yoga, pelvic floor exercise helps to strengthen pelvic muscles and vagina walls. It may take time to achieve your goals but with patience and proper instructions follow up will do you a great favor.
  • Healthy Diet Intake: A healthy diet is crucial in keeping your body muscles strong, especially the pelvic muscles and vagina walls. Therefore, practicing good dietary habits like increase the intake of protein will help your vag to get to its original shape.
  • Surgical Options: This aims to permanently strengthen your pelvic floor muscles by resection and end to end suturing. It’s a good solution to fix complications that you may have faced during childbirth like sepsis, scar dehiscence and scar rupture.
  • Oral medication: Supplements like IsoSensuals Tight Vaginal Tightening Pills and Vagifirm Vaginal Tightening Pills are available which can fix your loose vag after childbirth. Most of the medications are not so effective and safe, so you need to be careful before you buy any.
  • Topical Gel: Applying topical gel on your vaginal wall regularly can help you to strengthen the vaginal muscles and make it tight as it used to be.
  • But there are few promising products available in the market, but with the help of the correct product, it is very much safe and effective.
  • We recommend V-Tight Gel as it is the most effective product that can help you tighten your vag after giving birth.

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How It Works

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Benefits of Using V-Tight Gel

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  • It boosts your sexual arousal
  • Makes you to orgasm with ease
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How long does it take for your vag to tighten after giving birth?

For natural vaginal childbirth, it takes about 6-8 weeks to recover. But if you had complications after your vaginal delivery, such as vaginal tears, you may take a little longer to recover depending on the severity of your condition. However, this should not get you worried. Allow your body to heal. Relax more, maintain a healthy diet and exercise.

How to take care of your vag after giving birth

Proper care of your vag after childbirth is extremely important. So here are some dos and don’ts of vaginal care after childbirth:


  • Do some exercises such as Kegel exercise which helps you with a quick healing process. 
  • Use clean water when taking a bath as well as cleaning your vaginal area.
  • Practice cold therapy to alleviate the pain and soreness around your vaginal area. This can be done by placing an ice pack or cold pack on your vaginal area for about 15 minutes. 
  • Consider taking warm baths instead of showers. 
  • Do not ignore any pain around your vaginal area. If it persists seek immediate medical assistance from your doctor.


  • Avoid using tampons and instead, use maternity pads. Be sure to change the pads frequently to avoid getting an infection. 
  • Avoid using bathing soaps or shower gels that contain harsh chemicals when showering or cleaning your vag.
  • Avoid using a tissue to wipe yourself. Instead, use a peri-wash squirt bottle and warm water around your vaginal area, then dry the area with the cotton towel. 
  • Avoid wearing tight clothes. 
  • Avoid using any lotions or creams that contain steroids because they delay the healing process.

Final Advice

After vaginally childbirth, your vag undergoes changes as a result of expansion and contraction of pelvic muscles which may leave you with a slightly loose vagina. If you’re concerned about these changes, we believe that out tips on How To Tighten Your Vagina After Birth will help you to fix this. We highly recommend  V-Tight Gel which is the most effective solution when it comes to your vaginal tightening goals.