How To Tighten Your Vag With Apple Cider Vinegar

How To Tighten Your Vag With Apple Cider Vinegar

I know you’re asking yourself if Apple Cider Vinegar can tighten your vagina? Yes, ACV works. So, if you are looking for a remedy that will restore your tight vaginal walls after birth or due to any other factor, then we are going to show you how.

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Can Apple Cider Vinegar Tighten My Vagina?

The answer to this simple question is yes. Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) has many natural ingredients that work to tighten and nourish your vag. It also contributes to cleansing your vag, as well as getting rid of menstrual residue and bacterial infections thereby tightening your vagina.

How To Tighten Your Vag With Apple Cider Vinegar: Tips

1. Steam Bath

With a vaginal steam bath, you want to use apple cider vinegar along with a high dilution of boiling water. As with any steam bath for such a sensitive region of your female body, be sure to test the heat of the steam before ever attempting to sit over the bucket.

How To Prepare ACV Vaginal Steam Bath

  1. Fill a medium-size pot with purified water
  2. Pour about 1 full cup of ACV into the water.
  3. Boil water to a soft level (with the lid on) for about five minutes.
  4. Pour four cups of water into a bowl
  5. Place the bowl containing the mixture in your bathroom.
  6. Wave your hand a few inches over the herbal water to ensure it's not too hot.
  7. Undress your underwear and sit on the seat above the steaming water.
  8. Use a large blanket or sheet and cover it around your waist and down to the floor to ensure no steam escapes.
  9. You should feel a warm winding heat for about 10 minutes.
  10. After all the steam is exhausted, dump the water into the toilet.

2. Douching

Douching is another popular method for vaginal cleansing and tightening with ACV. When creating your tightening mixture, you should add one cup of ACV per three cups of water. This will provide you with an effective mixture that can be used in the vaginal cavity.

  1. You can achieve this by mixing one cup of ACV, and three cups of water. 
  2. Once completing the process, you should take the time to cleanse the outside of the vag with mild soap to avoid any irritation.

You can also opt for a ready made and medical graded vinegar douching solution.

3. Natural Bath Soak

The ACV bath not only aims to tighten your vaginal walls but also helps to balance the pH of your vag and detoxify the system. The acidic component of the vinegar can also eliminate any harmful microorganisms, including yeast hence, preventing your vag from any infection.

How to prepare a natural bath soak

  1. Fill your bathtub with warm water
  2. Then add 2 cups of apple cider vinegar (you can also add some rose petals if possible).
  3. Soak your bath for about 30 minutes. 

4. Vinegar Feminine Wash

Vinegar feminine wash is free from chemicals and artificial ingredients which makes this option an effective way to get your vag tight.

  1. Fill the dipper with warm water (do not use hot, scalding water).
  2. Pour a little ACV into the water. 
  3. Hold the dipper in one hand. On the other hand, open the vaginal lips. Slowly pour the mixture so it flows from the front to the back of your genitals.
  4. Pause for about 5-10 and observe how you feel. 
  5. Get up when you're done and dry well with a towel.

Your skin should feel clean and fresh. If there was any moderate itching, it should disappear. Do this 1-2 times a week, but no more often than this.

Important: What if I don’t want to use an ACV bath or Douche or Vinegar Feminine Wash to Tighten my vag? What can I use?

If you don’t want to go along the way using the above methods, you can also try oral consumption of ACV to tighten your vaginal walls. Usually, you can achieve this by mixing the vinegar with water and honey. This will help to shield your teeth from the acidic nature of the concoction. You can also use 1 tablespoon with a cup of herbal tea instead of honey.

Precautions When Using Apple Cider Vinegar To Tighten Your Vag

  • It is important to understand that douching with ACV aims to flush out all bacteria, both good and bad from your vag. Therefore, this method can leave you more prone to a recurrence of the yeast infection. So, you are recommended to dilute ACV with water touching the skin. You should also consider adding ACV to your diet as an alternative method of using ACV to tighten your vag.
  • Douching with ACV too much can disrupt normal vaginal bacteria levels leading to infections such as Bacterial Vaginosis (BV).

Vaginal Tightening: Apple Cider Vinegar Vs. V-Tight Gel

Apple Cider Vinegar Vs V-Tight Gel

ACV is natural, easily attainable, and can truly help tighten your vaginal walls. It can also be used for a multitude of other ailments, including gastrointestinal problems, help with a common cold, bring shine to your mane and even for an extra kick when the focus is needed. 

The V-Tight gel contains all-natural formula extracted from all-natural plants like aloe vera, witch hazel and Manjakani extract which are highly effective at restoring strength to muscles. V-Tight Gel works within minutes to provide you with a tighter feeling just before sex. With regular application, this gel can have long-lasting effects.


Q. Is apple cider vinegar safe for tightening the vagina?

Yes. Using ACV is safe and effective, but there are some important things to consider beforehand. For instance, always avoid having sex or using sex toys for at least 24 hours after using this solution. Do not use this remedy while you are on your period or have a urinary tract infection.

Q. What are Apple Cider Vinegar Pills?

Apple Cider Vinegar Pills are made from dehydrating apple cider which aims to tighten your vag. This idea of pills along with capsules and tablets came because initially, people were not willing to add ACV to their diet because of its strong flavor and presence of acidic odor.

Q. What are the disadvantages of taking ACV pills

ACV pills come with various downsides including;

  • The presence of concentrated acetic acid in ACV can abrade your teeth enamel and cause mouth and throat burns. To avoid this, consider taking your ACV pills with water.
  • Those ACV pills that you take by chewing are extremely dangerous and can cause dental decay.
  • The concentrated acid in the ACV also tends to interfere with your potassium level and acid-base balance of your body
  • Regular high dose intake of ACV pills can reduce your bone density, hence causing severe osteoporosis.
  • You are not advised to use ACV pills if you are suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Q. Is tightening your vag using vinegar good during pregnancy?

Studies suggest that pasteurized apple cider vinegar is safe during pregnancy and unpasteurized apple cider vinegar are not safe at all for you if you are pregnant. Apple Cider vinegar contains harmful bacteria such as E.Coli, which are removed during pasteurization, that’s why you are recommended to use pasteurized apple cider vinegar during pregnancy.

Q. Does apple cider vinegar burn your vaginal skin?

If your vaginal skin has a wound caused by physical damage, ACV will have a burning effect when it comes into contact with your vag.

Final Advice

A loose vag is typically the result of a weakened pelvic floor (vaginal) muscles and a decrease in skin elasticity. ACV has many natural compounds that act as elasticity agents. It helps your vagina regain its elasticity by making the skin elastic and firm. Regular use of this remedy will, therefore, help you to restore strong vaginal muscles.