How To Tighten Your Vag With Vinegar? Tips & OVERNIGHT Solutions

how to tighten your vag overnight with vinegar

Loose vaginal muscles is one of the problems that will affect you as you age or give vaginal childbirth. Although this condition may not be permanent, when your vaginal muscles over-stretch, it may fail to contract to its normal size, making you have a loose vagina. A loose vag can be a big obstacle for you when it comes to enjoying sex. The good news is that today we are going to guide you on how to tighten your vag with vinegar and bring back your sex game and confidence.

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Vaginal Tightening: What You Need To Know

Your vagina is made up of walls which are comprised of large muscles which can expand and contract to allow sex and childbirth to occur. The pelvic floor enables your vag to spring back into its original shape after both of these events have occurred. However, as you continue to age or give many vaginal childbirth within a short range of time, you may experience a ‘loose’ vagina. There are many techniques you can use to fix this issue. These techniques include;

  1. 1
    Practicing a healthy diet
  2. 2
    Doing Kegel exercise
  3. 3
    Performing Pelvic tilt exercises
  4. 4
    Using Vaginal cones
  5. 5
    Using V-Tight Gel

Vaginal Tightening Using Vinegar: Is It Safe & Effective?

Vinegar is safe and effective and can help you regain your vaginal tightness because it contains all-natural compounds that work. These compounds function as elasticity agents so they can make your vagina firmer and more elastic.

How To Tighten Your Vag Overnight With Vinegar: Tips

There are various ways on how you can make your vag tighter with vinegar. These include;

  1. Vinegar Bath
  2. Using A Vinegar Douche
  3. By Drinking The Vinegar

1. Vinegar Bath

A vinegar bath is one of the traditional methods used to tighten the vagina and this is the answer to the most asked question of Can you clean your VAG with vinegar? Women have been using it for decades to clean the vagina. Cleaning your vagina with vinegar can also keep you free from infection, clean, feeling fresh and your vag will smell great. Although this method has no scientific proof, ancient women used this method and it worked.

Vinegar Bath

How To Prepare Vinegar Bath

  1. Add  two cups of vinegar into your bath water (preferably warm) and mix well
  2. Soak in the solution for about 10-30 minutes.
  3. Then proceed to take your normal bath in the solution.

Important: What does a vinegar bath do for you?

The vinegar has wonderful antibacterial and antiseptic properties. These two elements help you to eliminate vaginal odor. Therefore, taking a bath with the vinegar help you fight off the bacteria and toxins that can cause your vag to stink. Make sure you only use organic and skin-friendly vinegar.

2. Using A Vinegar Douche

The vinegar douching solution works by tightening and maintaining the elasticity of your loose vaginal walls. It also balances the vags pH levels hence, keeping the right amount of bacteria in your vag. The good thing with using vinegar douching is that it can also help to clean your vag hence, keeping it fresh, clean, free of infections and smelling great. 

apple cider vinegar

How To Prepare A Natural Vinegar Douche At Home

  1. Take one part of vinegar liquid and mix it with two parts of freshwater. 
  2. Use a squeeze bottle to store the vinegar-water solution.
  3. While you’re taking shower, rinse your vaginal cavity and then insert the squeeze bottle tip into the vulva.
  4. Squeeze the solution to release it into your vaginal cavity till you complete the solution.
  5. Bath immediately and rinse the outer part of your vaginal area with warm water to remove the solution which can harm the delicate skin of your vagina.

Risk associated with douching using vinegar you should know

  • Douching can lead to lots of health issues, including pregnancy problems.
  • Douching is also associated with vaginal infections.
  • Douching imbalances the pH of the vaginal flora, the natural acidity needed to keep the vagina healthy. 
  • Douching can also cause an overgrowth of harmful bacteria resulting in infections, irritation, discomfort and many other vaginal issues.

3. By Drinking The Vinegar

For this method, the apple cider vinegar is mostly used. Drinking apple cider vinegar for the vagina can help to make your vagina tighter. It works by detoxifying your vagina as well as balancing its PH.

How To Prepare

  1. Mix part of apple cider vinegar with few tablespoons of honey and water
  2. Drink the solution on a regular basis.

Important: Precaution When Using This Method

  • When using this method to tighten your vag, you are recommended to use a raw, unfiltered and organic marinade. Although it might take longer to give you the desired results, it is one of the most effective and effortless of achieving your vaginal tightening goals.
  • To protect your teeth from the acidic nature of the marinade, you are also advised to drink a glass of water immediately after drinking the vinegar solution.
  • In case you don’t like the taste of the vinegar solution, you can include the vinegar in some of your diets, like in salad dressing or supplement in the form of vinegar pills.

Here Is What You Should Know When Using Vinegar To Tighten Your Vag

Benefits of Using Vinegar To Tighten Your Vag

  • It helps to maintain your vaginal Ph level
  • It AIDS in the cleaning of your vaginal cavity, making it smell fresh

Precautions When Tightening Your Vag Using Vinegar

  • Avoid applying vinegar directly into your vag as it can result in dryness, itching sensation, vaginal discharge and pain in the butt.
  • After drinking the vinegar solution, immediately drink a glass of warm water. This will help you reduce the chances of corroding your teeth making them weak with time.
  • You risk contracting human papillomavirus (HPV) when douching and the virus can sometimes result in cancer.


Q. Does vinegar make your VAG tighter?

Yes. Vinegar has many natural compounds that act as elasticity agents. It helps your vag regain its elasticity by making the skin around it elastic and firm.

Q. Can I try using vinegar to tighten my vag?

Yes. Although the results can vary from one woman to the other, it can help you restore elasticity of your vaginal walls.

Q. Is vinegar safe for tightening the vagina?

Yes. Using vinegar is safe and effective, but there are some important things to consider beforehand. For instance, always refrain from having sex, inserting tampons, or using sex toys for at least 24 hours after using this solution. Do not use this remedy while you are on your period or have a urinary tract infection. Also, consider buying a commercial mix that is already tested and has the right dosage to work properly.

Q. What happens when you apply vinegar directly to your vag?

Vinegar has strong acidity elements. If you do not dilute with distilled water its acidity will be corrosive and can damage the skin and kill the bacteria of your vaginal flora leaving at risk of vaginal infection.

Q. Which kind of vinegar I must use to apply the above-mentioned methods to tighten my vag?

You are recommended to use Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) when using this method. ACV not only help to cleanse your vag, but it can also get rid of menstrual residue and bacterial infections thereby tightening your vagina.

Q. What are Apple Cider Vinegar Pills?

Apple Cider Vinegar Pills are made from dehydrating apple cider which aims to tighten your vag. This idea of pills along with capsules and tablets came because initially, people were not willing to add ACV to their diet because of its strong flavor and presence of acidic odor.

Q. What are the disadvantages of taking ACV pills

ACV pills comes with various downsides including;

  • The presence of concentrated acetic acid in ACV can abrade your teeth enamel and cause mouth and throat burns. To avoid this, consider taking your ACV pills with water.
  • Those ACV pills that you take by chewing are extremely dangerous and can cause dental decay.
  • The concentrated acid in the ACV also tends to interfere with your potassium level and acid-base balance of your body
  • Regular high dose intake of ACV pills can reduce your bone density, hence causing severe osteoporosis.
  • You are not advised to use ACV pills if you are suffering from chronic kidney disease.

Q. Is tightening your vag using vinegar good during a pregnancy?

Studies suggest that pasteurised apple cider vinegar is safe during pregnancy and unpasteurised apple cider vinegar are not safe at all for you if you are pregnant. Apple Cider vinegar contains harmful bacteria such as E.Coli, which are totally removed during pasteurisation, that’s why you are recommended to use pasteurised apple cider vinegar during pregnancy.

Q. Does apple cider vinegar burn your vaginal skin?

If your vaginal skin has a wound caused by physical damage definitely ACV will have a burning effects when it comes into contact with your vag.

Q. Can I inject vinegar into my body?

NO! It would be a bad idea injecting vinegar into your body. Don’t do it!

Final Words

As a result of aging, hormonal changes or vaginal childbirth, your vag may tend to lose its muscle strength which ultimately causes the issue of ‘loose vagina’. There can also be other serious issues of self-esteem which can ruin your relationships. If you are able to achieve what you are looking for, our tips on How To Tighten Your Vag With Vinegar will make your sex life become a hit again and your confidence will always be high. So, go on and try this remedy out.