How To Use V Tight Gel

The procedure to use V Tight Gel is quite easy. It is to be applied topically on vaginal mucosa with non invasive method. There is no need for any training or demo or expertise to use V Tight gel. It is to be applied like other topical formulations. The product is colorless and odorless, which makes it more user friendly and more acceptable from user end. Here is the step to step guide to apply V tight gel in safe and effective way.


  • V Tight Gel
  • Antiseptic soap to clean vagina and hand
  • Source of light
  • Gloves (optional): Use sterile ones only
  • A small hand mirror: If your private parts aren’t directly visible to you
  • Clean Towel (at least two)

Step:1 (Cleaning of Vagina)

It is recommended to clean vagina appropriately with an antiseptic soap (herbal soap preferably) or Sanitizer and boiled water.

Don’t go too much deeper and don’t wash the vagina very roughly. Clean the introitus first and then the vulval area. .

After washing, dry it with clean towel.

Step:2 (Cleaning of Hand)

Wash your hands with warm water and soap. It is recommended to use all the essential steps of hand washing for thorough cleaning of hand. Then dry your hand with clean and separate towel other than used for drying vagina.

Step:3 Apply V-Tight Gel

  • 1
    Preparation: From now on all the steps are to be done in well illuminated clean room. Now arrange all the mentioned things at one place only. Put on sterile gloves on the dominant hand i.e. the hand which will be used for applying V Tight Gel. you can also wear gloves on both hands also, depending on your choice. Place the mirror between your knees in sitting position for better visibility and prevention of wasting of gel. 
  • 2
    Now squeeze the bottle and take some amount of gel on the middle or first finger’s tip of dominant hand. 
  • 3
    Use other hand to separate labia i.e. vaginal lips to make way for the finger of dominant finger. Because like vagina washing, you need to apply gel to the vaginal wall first then the vaginal lips.
  • 4
    Insert the finger with gel inside vagina, and apply the gel thoroughly in both anticlockwise and clockwise rotation. Then gently massage the gel in introitus for some time for better absorption of gel inside mucosa. While massaging, maintain the focus more on the vaginal muscle. Because muscle strengthening is the main motive. 
  • 5
    Now withdraw the fingers and use some more gel to apply on labia and then massage here also. This is known as inside out method i.e. first applied inside and then outside.
  • 6
    Take the towel and clean for any spills of V tight gel in case of mishandling. Now put on your clothes and follow your daily routine activities without any worry.

Note: Repeat the complete procedure twice a day for better results. 

Pro Tips for Better & Faster Results

  • For better results spread the gel thoroughly inside vagina by massaging continuously for around 30 seconds.
  • You don’t need to clean vagina before intercourse if V tight gel is already there, it is a water based lubricant.
  • For better pleasure during sex, apply it before 10 minutes with above mentioned procedure.
  • Never ever avoid the local vaginal hygiene.
  • Always wear cotton underwear.
  • Add more modalities for vagina tightening like yoga, kegels, squeezing the perineum during intercourse.


As we have learned that applying V tight gel is very convenient. All you need to do is take care of local vaginal hygiene, septic precaution while applying and inside out method of applying. The water based and odourless formulation makes it user friendly. Just use the gel twice a day according to the above procedure and live rest of the day happily, favourable results will follow soon. For more quick result you can follow other modality for vagina tightening for their supplementary effects.