Pueraria Mirifica For Vagina Tightening – Usage, Benefits & Side Effects

Pueraria Mirifica Vagina Tightening

It’s our dream as women to make our man feel better and have confidence in us. But the major drawback that we are likely to experience is a ‘loose’ vag. This kills confidence. Of course, a tight vag increases chances of sexual sensation, helping you and your partner reach orgasm without challenges. So, Pueraria Mirifica comes to your rescue and helps you to achieve a tight vag. 

What Loosens Your Vag

There are a number of factors that affect the elasticity of your vaginal muscles which include:

  • Aging
  • Hormonal changes.
  • Multiple vaginal deliveries/childbirth.
  • Menopause

Why You Need To Use Pueraria Mirifica For Vaginal Tightening

Pueraria Mirifica for vaginal tightening is a plant native to Asia, especially in Thailand. Its main activities include:

1. Enhance, Balance & Regulate Estrogen Levels for Your Vaginal Health & Function

Pueraria is responsible for maintaining your body’s estrogen levels. It's well known that estrogen plays many important roles in your health, including your genital organs. Some of its benefits include:

Estrogen Levels for Your Vaginal Health
  • Thicken your vaginal walls.
  • Maintain the strength of your vaginal muscles and pelvic muscles by increasing the fiber of the muscle.
  • Keep the tissue inside your vag secreting the fluid for proper moist and healthy pH.
  • Stimulate the gland to unleash the lubrication over sexual stimuli.

All these outcomes help to maintain your vaginal functions, performance and health. Therefore, maintaining your estrogen level becomes essential since it will be declined over the age, during imbalanced hormonal events and during vaginal childbirth.

2. It Improves Your Sexual Health

Pueraria Mirifica can help you to improve your sexual health, due to its effects on both the amount and the balance of your body hormones. These sexual health improvements include increased libido and sexual feelings, more intense sexual sensations and the relief of vaginal dryness.

sexual health with pueraria mirifica

Features of Pueraria Mirifica

  • Natural Vaginal Moisturizer: It helps to lubrісаnt your vag and also it’s a fragrance-free cleanser.
  • Help to reduce Bacterial Growth: Aѕ bacteria buіldѕ uр іn аnd around your vag, you can suffer from urinary tract іnfесtіоnѕ, аbundаnсе of yeast, or other рrоblеmѕ. This fеmіnіnе mоіѕturіzеr enhances рrоbіоtісѕ to help reduce hаrmful bасtеrіаl grоwth.
  • pH Balanced: This makes PM реrfесt fоr thе mоѕt ѕеnѕіtіvе vаgіnаl еnvіrоnmеntѕ.

Effects of Pueraria Mirifica on Vaginal Health

Research shows that Pueraria Mirifica exhibits estrogenicity on vaginal tissue, helping to alleviate vaginal dryness symptoms and dyspareunia, improve signs of vaginal atrophy, and to restore the atrophic vaginal epithelium in healthy postmenopausal women.

Does Pueraria Mirifica Really Work?

Pueraria Mirifica is one of the most effective natural options for vaginal tightening. It works to tighten your vaginal wall surfaces by encouraging genital tissue regrowth. This natural herb also stabilizes estrogen levels and neutralizes the hormonal imbalances in your body. Pueraria Mirifica also helps to fight against uterus cancer cells.

Other Benefits of Pueraria Mirifica on Your Overall Health

  • Relieve Menopause Symptoms: You can use Pueraria Mirifica to restore Estrogen levels during menopausal and even post-menopause periods. This helps you to relieve the symptoms of menopause and generally improve your general and sexual health.
  • Breast Enlargement: You can also use Pueraria Mirifica to create naturally fuller and firmer breasts.
  • Skin, Hair and Nail Improvement: The product is also capable of making improvements in your skin condition and appearance after taking it. Your skin becomes more hydrated, softer and more supple, fine lines and wrinkles fade and disappear and the skin appears fresher and more radiant.

How To Use Pueraria Mirifica To Tighten Your Vag

Cream or Gel:

Applying Pueraria Mirifica cream or gel comes with lots of benefits. It relieves dryness and irritation of the vagina. It is also touted for breast enlargement and for removing stretch marks, tightening the skin and making you look younger without changing whole body chemistry and that’s why it is the safest way to use PM.

  1. Apply a dose of 25–100 mg.
  2. Massage it to the outer wall of your vag until fully absorbed. 
  3. Do this twice daily for maximum results.


You can use Pueraria Mirifica in capsule form-but then you can have the benefit of other vitamins and minerals. However, the formula of capsules is likely to change your whole body chemistry.

Take 1 to 2 capsules per day. 

  1. If you take 1 capsule per day be sure to do it before bed. 
  2. If you opt to take 2 capsules per day, take 1 before breakfast and then a 2nd capsule before bed. 
  3. It is always advised to follow the instructions on your product label.


You can also get Pueraria Mirifica in dried powder form, such as produced by the company, Herbven. It consists of just the tuber of the plant, dehydrated and grinded into powder - there are no additives or preservatives. This one is the fastest and most effective way to use PM but at the cost of messing with whole body chemistry. 

  1. 1 - 2 Teaspoon of Powder per day.
  2. Or use as it’s directed on your product’s label.

Most commercial products containing Pueraria Mirifica are available as rejuvenating, antiaging, skin-lightening creams or gels, as beauty soaps, as capsules or tablets for increasing appetite, enlarging breasts, modulating hair growth or regrowth and rejuvenating purposes. Examples include 

Precautions When Using Pueraria Mirifica for Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • DO NOT exceed the dosage as Pueraria Mirifica has a powerful effect on female hormones and excess consumption may result in adverse effects especially if you take it over a long period of time.
  • DO NOT TAKE Pueraria Mirifica if you’re pregnant, diagnosed with breast cancer or you’re having other hormone-related illnesses.
  • DO NOT USE IT if you are suffering from asthma, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy or migraine.

FAQS about Pueraria Mirifica

Q. Does Pueraria Mirifica cause cancer?

No. It contains an active cytotoxic component called spinasterol which is active against certain gynecological cancer cell lines. It is also rich in isoflavones, which are believed to reduce the risk of cancer, especially if you’re in the menopause stage. That makes it a safe long-term choice for naturally supplementing your estrogen levels.

Q. Would I gain weight if I am using PM?

If you’re taking this herb in the form of pills, you may experience minor weight gain. It’s because hormonal changes have caused the body to retain fluid.

Q. Would Pueraria Mirifica affect my fertility?

No. The study investigated the effects of long-term administration of Pueraria mirifica on the female body show that so long as you don’t overdose the herb, it will not have any effect on your fertility.

Q. Would Pueraria Mirifica make me sick?

No. if you use it as recommended, the herb does not have any side effects.

Q. Can I take it when I am breastfeeding?

Pueraria Mirifica herbs contain natural estrogen hormone and the estrogen can cross into breast milk, but no harmful effects have been reported in babies. The only concern is that estrogen will decrease your milk supply. So you’re recommended to use Pueraria mirifica herbs after you stop breastfeeding.

Q. Can I take it during pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, you are advised against using this herb, as it is known to cause hormonal imbalance, which could raise the risk of miscarriage.

Q. How long will it take to see results?

PM is based on the amount of hormone levels present in your body. However, to obtain maximum results, you’re recommended to use it for six months. After a period of time, If estrogen levels begin to fall you can boost levels again by using this programme.

Q. Should I use cream, tablets or raw PM?

The capsule type is a food product so it should be treated as a food supplement. Intake of the capsule product gives a systemic response throughout your body. For vag tightness, the cream type gives rapid results and because it is applied directly. Normally the capsule is used for both health nourishment and vagina tightening and the cream is used for vag tightening only.

Q. Is it safe for my menstruation cycle?

Most women see no difference in their menstrual cycle. In rare cases, you may get spotting, early or delayed periods. It is very safe and normal. As your body gets adjusted to the new estrogen levels your cycle will regularize.

The Bottom Line

Pueraria Mirifica has long been used as a rejuvenation therapy especially in traditional Thai medicine. It’s rich in phytoestrogens, which are known for having strong estrogen-like effects. It is also used as a supplement to treat conditions associated with low estrogen levels — especially related to menopause. So, if you want, you can make a big change not only to your vagina but also to your overall body by using Pueraria Mirifica and its products.