A Comparison Between V Tight Gel and Isosensuals TIGHT

For those women who want healthy and tight vagina but are afraid to go for any surgical procedure, also can’t stick to regular exercise like yoga or kegel, they always come finding about some gel applied topically. V Tight Gel and Isosensual are the two product which always confuse us. Here we are going to compare these two product and make it way much easy to help you to choose the right product.


V Tight Gel

IsoSensuals Tight



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Here are the ingredients of V-Tight Gel and IsoSensuals Tight

V Tight Gel

IsoSensuals Tight




Organic Aloe Vera

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel



Citric Acid


Sodium Benzoate

Potassium Sorbate

Sodium PCA

Mechanism Of action of Ingredients:

Manjakani: It works as a muscle constrictor, when applied superficially. Its antimicrobial and antioxidant property kills harmful microbes and decrease discharge from vagina.

Tannins: It is present in V tight gel, it has estrogenic properties which increase the blood flow to the vaginal tissue.

Aloe Vera: It is present in isosensuals and shows anti-inflammatory property.

Witch Hazel: It acts on the connective tissue beneath skin to constrict it and make the skin tense. Thus helps in vaginal tightening.

Arginine: It increase the blood flow to the clitoris and vaginal tissue. Thus it decrease the threshold of orgasm and the number of orgasms are increased per sexual intercourse.

Glycerine: It does moisturize the vaginal mucosa without making it greasy. It works by locking the moisture in the mucosa and maintain its hydration.

Citric acid: It maintains the vaginal pH towards acidic, thus helps to fight with the harmful microbes and prevents infection.

Cellulose: It is a polymer of carbohydrate, it absorbs the moisture and keeps the tissue hydrated.

Sodium Benzoate and Sodium PCA: These acts as natural lubricant without irritating the vagina tissue. Benzoate has also estrogen mimicking properties, thus increase libidi as well. These also has antimicrobial properties also.

Potassium Sorbate: It acts as natural preservative only.

Thus considering all the above individual actions of all the ingredients, we are in the position to say that Isosensuals has overall vagina tightening and lubricating effect only. But V tight gel has some more additional effects other than vaginal tightening like increase libido, maintaining pH, antimicrobial effect, estrogenic effect. All these effect makes V tight gel the better option for vagina tightening than Isosensuals.


Considering the cost benefit factor here, it is pretty obvious that V tight gel is somewhat costly as compared to the Isosensuals. The cost difference between one bottle pack is around 10$, but when we analyse the multiple benefits can be achieved by spending few extra bucks on V Tight Gel, then it sounds very worthy, but when you buy 3 month pack then you will get 3 month free and it will reduce the prices to half which make it even better deal to buy.


Broadly speaking, both of these has natural ingredients, so there is not any risk factor associated specifically with both of them. It is recommended to avoid these both gels during pregnancy. But some women might feel the dryness, and allergy to the Glycerine component of Isosensuals. Isosensual does not have any anti microbial action, and doesn’t improve libido which is a drawback actually but not a risk.

Time Duration required:

It is hard to say, it depends on various factors like age of a woman, number of previous pregnancy and extent of vaginal looseness. Result of tightened vagina is best felt in terms of sexual pleasure. As mentioned earlier, Isosensuals only tighten vagina, but V Tight Gel improves libido, orgasm other than tightening effect. Sexual pleasure will be improve quickly with V Tight Gel, and the time required for V tight gel to action is comparatively very short. So, collectively it is experienced that effect with the V Tight gel will be experienced much more earlier than Isosensuals.


V Tight Gel is the better option to go for vaginal tightening as compared to isosensuals. Because of high quality of ingredients, quick result, increased libido and increased orgasm makes it the very likely product to opt.