Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes?

Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Loose Vag Sometimes

Vaginal loosening is the most prevailing issue for women especially those who are struggling with a decrease in sexual satisfaction due to lack of friction during intercourse. However, no matter what myths and insults say about the vagina, there is nothing like a “loose” vag since it’s made to accommodate various objects of different sizes (penis, sex toys, tampons, and even a child during childbirth). But why does your girlfriend feel loose sometimes?

What Are The Things That Don't Make My Vag “Loose”?

3 MythBusters for Loose Vag

There are some of the old wives’ tales about the vagina, a flurry of myths far too many people believe about tight/loose vag. They are the following;

1. Having sex frequently

Having a 'lot of sex' does not make your vag become loose. The fact that your vag is elastic and can lubricate naturally to accommodate any size of the object helps it to go back to its normal state once the arousal is over.

2. Having sex with multiple partners

Equally, having sex with different people cannot make your vag become loose. This is just a myth that has been used to shame women. Some people believe that due to having sex with men with different sizes, the vag widens and becomes loose with time. The truth is, no matter who you have sex with, your vag cannot loosen.

3. Losing virginity makes vag to permanently become loose

Many people think that losing virginity can cause vag to become ‘loose’. The fact is that after relaxing during sex, your vaginal muscle tissues naturally contract & tighten again. Therefore, intercourse does not permanently stretch your vag. This process - loosening during arousal and tightening afterward - happens no matter how often you have sex.

Why Does My Girlfriend Feel Loose Sometimes?

There are many complaints that women have after vaginal childbirth, with weight gain and stretch marks being among the most common. However, many women say that vaginal loosening is at the top of their struggles and often the most devastating experience.

But vaginal childbirth isn’t the only cause for vaginal loosening. Some of the reasons why your GF could feel loose sometimes include;

  • Advancing age: As your girlfriend ages, her body muscles become more relaxed overall. She may, therefore, begin to see a change in her vagina’s elasticity.
  • Hormonal Changes: During menopause, her estrogen levels drop. As a result, vaginal tissue may become thinner, drier, less acidic and less stretchy or flexible.
  • LifeStyle: If your girlfriend is someone who never goes to physical therapy like pelvic floor or kegel exercise, then definitely her vaginal muscles will become weak making her feel loose. In addition to this, surviving on unhealthy food or an unbalanced diet can also deny her body muscles important nutrition she needs to get her vaginal muscles on track.
  • Trauma to the vagina: Trauma to the vaginal muscles can be caused by either accident, injury, sexual abuse or multiple vaginal childbirth which may weaken her muscles over time. These weakened muscles might lead to conditions such as urinary incontinence.

How Do You Tell Her That Her Vag Is Loose Without Hurting Her Feelings?

There is beauty in spotting a certain problem and then giving a solution to it. If you are going to tell her about this, then make sure you are gentle, compassionate and careful. This can work well if you are in a relationship that encourages open communication and is passionate about supporting each other. 

Tell Your Girlfriend That Her Vag Is Loose Without Hurting Her Feelings

Try to give her options like using V-Tight Gel (which is the best option), vaginal cones and kegel weights. You can also encourage her to go for physical therapy like kegel exercise, sit-ups, Pelvic tilt exercise. Supporting her to maintain healthy foods can also play a great deal when it comes to tightening her vag.

How Does It Feel Like Having Sex With A Woman With A Loose Vag?

Well, the reasoning behind this can cut both ways. A 'loose' vag reduces friction as much as a tiny penis, and both can have disappointing outcomes in your relationship. Stimulation for guys, in particular, is about friction. Most men have complained that with what appears as a loose vag, they could only come in contact with a small percentage of their girlfriend’s surface area.

On the other hand, one thing you ought to know is that a “tight” vagina may be a sign of an underlying concern, especially if your girlfriend is experiencing discomfort during penetration.

So, If the vagina feels "too tight" during lovemaking, your girlfriend is either:

  1. Not interested in sex
  2. You did not turn her on or prepare her physically for intercourse
  3. She has not had enough warm-up time to allow her vaginal musculature to relax enough for comfortable insertion.

Tight vag muscles, then, could make a sexual encounter painful or impossible to complete. 


If your girlfriend feels loose sometimes, this could be as a result of natural life events that we have discussed above. However, with the help of Kegel exercise and especially with the use of V-Tight gel, you can help her to bring back her bedroom game at Bay.